Become a Vibrational Sound Therapist

Utilize the most transformational sound healing technology on the market today.

Learn online from anywhere

On Tuesday's beginning May 19th

 5-26, 6-2, 6-9, 6-16, 6-23


From 630-830 p.m. Pacific time.

You can join in after the start date and

If you missed or can't make a class it's ok!!!


You will get access to the online classes plus a link to download the class videos after it airs live.


Links to work packets, study videos, study music, and diagram charts.


*You do Not need a Vibrational Sound Table to take these courses. 

Upgrade your sound healing practice

Your practitioner training includes...

  • 6 video training modules

  • 33+practitioner therapies designed for Vibrational Sound table

  • Online support group and interactive classes

  • Access to online live class

  • Download the recorded classes to keep and review

  • Course completion certificate available upon completion

  • Work packets containing: diagrams, frequency charts, healing grids, documented research & more

Study the latest healing technology

In this 6 week course you will learn...

  • how to use a vibrational sound table

  • physical emotional and mental benefits of vibrational healing

  • how to make custom personalized healing sound journeys

  • fundamentals of sound healing

  • how frequencies effect and heal the body

  • how music affects our emotional and mental wellbeing

Course 1- Learn about vibro acoustic technology and the fundamentals of sound healing.


Course 2 - Learn the the secrets of cymatics, brainwave entrainment, & intention. How to make & use binaural beats.


Course 3 - Learn how music affects the emotion and mental state. Intro universal harmonics, overtones & hermetic healing.


Course for 4 - Review practitioner therapies for diagnosis and application. Sound and Music application and etiquette.


Course 5 - Learn how to create customized sound healing journeys for you and your clients. Application and procedure working as a practitioner.


Course 6 - Prepare sound journeys for the group, group scenario discussion, and course review.


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