Schumann Frequency Healing Tunging fork Pair

Schumann Frequency Healing Tunging fork Pair

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Healing Body Tuning forks set on Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz. We proudly offer the 122.28 Hz and the 129.19 Hz (16 Octave). When used together they create the binaural tuning of 7.83 Hz. These forks are a favorite for those trained in Biofield Tuning. The Schumann Resonance has a large list of benefits. We added these forks based on popular demand.

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body healing tuning forks are to be used on the physical body to send vibrations deep into the muscles, bones, organs, and tendons to release tension, strain, inflammation, and pain. 

 Check out our online workshop (event page) to receive training on how to use tuning forks on the physical and energetic body.
- Learn techniques on how to:
- Remove energy blockages 
- Help with chronic pain 
- Emotional release 
- Energetic hygiene 
- Consciousness expansion