Midnight Rain ft. Vibrational Souls & AHME

Midnight Rain ft. Vibrational Souls & AHME


Midnight Rain by Ancestral Rhythms Project is a rare look into the deep heart of spontaneous ceremonial music. This song was taken from a live ceremony as it was channeled by Chaz from Vibrational Souls & Miguel Medina from AHME. This beautiful freestyle of healing frequencies symbolizes the wonderful release of rain coming from the sky as it drops into the deep dark Forest to nourish Mother Nature. Open up your hearts and enjoy the deep healing frequencies as they wash over your mind, body, and spirit to nourish us as we make this change into the 5th dimension.
Matered By ROSBY
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This and all music created by Chaz from Vibrational Souls is intended and can be used with The Vibrational Sound Tables and Frequency Pillows and are designed to be used in a therapeutic practice or privately at home for Self Healing and Consciousness Expansion.

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