Donation For Palenque Pyramids Activation Documentary

Donation For Palenque Pyramids Activation Documentary


Thank you for your donation. Every offering matters. All proceeds go to making this offering happen. Help us bring a powerful gift to the world, harnessing and honoring the true power of the pyramids. With your help we can bring a real sense of understanding to what our ancient ancestors knew through these great connectors of the heavens to the earth.


Located in the jungle of Chiapas, Palenque offers a look at some of the most elaborate pyramids in Mexico. There are several pyramids at Palenque. The largest is the Temple of Inscriptions, a funerary monument to Hanab-Paka that descends 25 meters down into an elaborate tomb that doubles as home to the second-longest known Mayan glyphic text. Three smaller pyramids make up the Temple of the Cross Complex. These are the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Cross, and the Temple of the Foliated Cross. The shape of the cross indicative of a Mesoamerican Motif known as the World Tree. The world tree is similar to the tree of life in that it connects the planes of the Underworld and the heavens with that of the terrestrial world.


The deeper teachings of the pyramids have nearly been lost to history fading into the background of history as ruins buried by the sands of time. The Mayan Elders have retained the wisdom and healing power potential of the Palenque pyramids from their ancestors before them. These powerful ancient structures were meticulously honed magnificent tools to connect the heavens and the earth, built around 7th Century AD, channeling powerful vibrations bringing real healing to the people. 


Chaz will take you on a journey to the Palenque Pyramids teaching of the mysteries and ancient traditions as told by the Mayan Elders. This live documentary will unfold in 3 separate parts, the history of the majestic spiritual structures, the teachings from the Mayan Elders, leading to the ceremonial offering to bring peace, harmony and balance to the world. Asking for the help from the universe to help us raise consciousness within our communities, awakening our true power to heal ourselves, our world and our future world for our children to come. Part I took place Oct. 8, 2020. Part II Nov. 21, 2020 and Part III Dec. 21, 2020.


Blessings Family, Peace and Love.

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